Most kinds of works need the use of standard materials to execute the job, and this is no different with plumber San Antonio as well.  One of the striking aspects of plumbing works is the need to use the most suitable of materials to ensure not just the best job but the right way to handle a situation for the most parts too.  Listed out below are the most common materials that a plumber should need at any time.  The order does not signify any level of importance and is more of an ease of reference.


This should be the preferred material to use when dealing with domestic water supply.  The strong point of the material is the cost-effective nature of its use as well as the suitability to the needs for hot water piping in most homes and residences.  PEX can be worked quite quickly and does not need much of an exertion to work with.


Most of the common uses of PVC pipes are in venting and as drains.  They are not the preferred material when potable water is to be handled.  It must be said of the stuff that it can handle a fair bit of heat which comes in handy while draining out waste water.  With the use of PVC pipes, it is possible to make connections with the application of the simple glue to the joints.  The strong point to the PVC pipes is that they come in standard sizes and hence makes the use easy to understand and reproduce.

Rigid Copper pipes

Copper piping is used when hot water and steam is to be piped to a place.  This would be the preferred material for plumbing when the more commercial applications are considered for the ability to handle the common rough conditions and the relative isolation that it provides the customer from contamination.  The easy workability of the material makes a favorite with the DIY efforts or the hobbyists for the most parts. plumber San Antonio

Flexible tubing

There are some typical situations when flexible piping needs to be used.  This could either be of rubber of copper tubes as the case might be.  It must be said that flexible tubing is a more specialized use of plumbing and something that is not used every day.  With the use of flexible tubing, it is possible to keep the need to cut pipes to a bare minimum.

Galvanized steel

This would be the material of choice when the industrial plumbing works are being done.  Here the material provides strength and has the possibility that it is tough to cause a rupture of the pipes.  The galvanized steel pipes are the preferred material when corrosive fluids need to be handled and in cases where rust has to be prevented from forming.

Cast iron pipe

The single place that a plumber San Antonio uses the cast iron pipes is in the sewers and the treatment of sewage.